How To Keep Couch Cushions From Sinking

How To Keep Couch Cushions From Sinking

Are you looking for ways to maintain your couches in optimal conditions without spending huge amounts of money? If you are a homeowner you have probably noticed that all the furniture you have at home tends to wear away over time, whether you have just moved to your own place or you have been living independently for some time now, it is highly important to know ways of keeping your household equipment looking as excellent as you can. The good news is that it is always a good time to continue learning tips and techniques that help you avoid further damage on our property. Now, if you have bought a new coach you have surely experienced the amazing vibes and comfort that comes with this purchase. 

Perhaps your family and friends compliment you on the great acquisition when they visit your home, and it also boosts the way your whole living room looks, as a couch is also an essential part of your home decoration, being able to make or break the calmness of a place. 

What happens when my couch starts to sink?

One undeniable thing that comes with time and use of this furniture item is the fact that it will start to lose shape, let alone sinking. Therefore it will start to look old and have less appeal, and let’s face it, few things feel as bad as having your visits sitting on a saggy, sunk couch. So, if you are looking for ways to prevent your couch cushions from sinking, read on. In the following lines you will discover innovative and simple ways to keep your couch looking great over time.

What causes a couch to sink and how to prevent it

There are a number of reasons why your couch starts to sink. While wearing away is normal in all of the furniture you have at your house, lacking a set of basic maintenance routine or having bad habits when using your items like chairs and couches, can easily lead to a premature damage of your goods. As follows, we will talk about each of the main factors that can damage your couches, and give you some valuable ideas about ways to prevent these common problems.

1. The inner structure is broken

One of the most important steps that you need to take to find out what the causes of the sinking might be, is to check whether or not your couch has major damage in the inner structure, also known as framework. This might surprise you but when I took my couch to the remodeling service, the carpenter told me that this is very common, especially in those houses with little kids or big families. So, if your couch has a core made out of wood, you will want to be aware that it can break over time, which is often caused by a significant amount of weight. If your kids use to play in the living room -like most children do, it might cause your couches to sink faster.  

In this case you would need to take your furniture to repair, and the experts will replace the framework with a new one. Another thing that you can do, is to make sure you use a supporting gadget when you or your family are sitting at the couch, such as a lap tray. It will prevent the elbows and knees from causing further damage to the cushions and the structure. When I first tried a lap tray on the couch, I was skeptical about its real benefit and I must admit that it completely beated my expectations. By having the correct help to place my wrists and my laptop, food and books, I could easily distribute my weight on the couch more evenly, plus I felt my whole body pain-free and relaxed. 

As a tip, it is possible to personalize your lap trays, which can be very helpful to match them with your home décor as some companies allow you to make your own designs, picking the color as well as a picture of your choice. I first used these type of lap trays to convince my kids to use them at the couch, by getting a couple of these items with their favorite superheroes, but lately I have loved the option of giving a present with a beautiful picture on it, it is very simple yet thoughtful and useful, my family and friends love it.

2. Lack of balance on the weight distribution

If you are used to sitting in the same favorite spot of your couch every time, you must know that this is a cause of sinking in the cushions located on those certain areas of your couch. One thing that you can do to correct this situation is either changing the spot where you sit from time to time, or use new fillers for your cushions, which can be made out of foam, fiberfill or similar materials.

3. Taking your naps or spending the nights on the couch

While this is something that we all have done in our lives, it is not recommended to make it a habit, besides sagging and sinking the couch super quickly, it can also damage the springs and framework. In order to fix this problem you might want to stop sleeping on your couch and get the springs replaced, if needed.

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