Cats & Kittens

Check out our Cats & Kittens cushioned lap trays

Cats & Kittens

Cats are natures most adorable hunting machines so why not embrace the fact with a cushioned photo lap tray from our Cats & Kittens Collection.

Choose an adorable playful kitten, intense tabby or a more exotic and elegant Siamese or Burmese cat. Why not go wild and tame a Lion, Tiger or beautiful Snow Leopard! One of our cushioned photo lap trays makes the ideal gift for any cat lovers you know or just keep if all to yourself and love using it everyday.

Fancy something uniquely different?

Why not design your own personalised custom or photo collage lap tray!

We've made it super easy, it only takes a few minutes to come up with something stunning.

Our customizer is easy to use on mobile or at home on your trusty PC. Use our collage templates or go freestyle! Upload and place your photos, add text and your design is done in no time at all!