15 of the best personalized teacher gift ideas in 2021

15 of the best personalized teacher gift ideas in 2021

A teacher has always been an essential part of our lives. They are the one who is responsible for making sure that we grow up to be successful, contributing members of society. Teachers are also the ones who lead us towards a better future and support us every step of the way. It is important to show our appreciation to them as well as thank them for their contribution. That’s why it is vital to find a great teacher gift for a special occasion, such as Teacher's Day or a birthday. Here, are some ideas that you can use this year. These are great for teacher, and teacher assistant gifts alike.

The Gift Card

Something as simple as a gift card to their favourite store, movie theatre, or restaurant will brighten their day. If your favourite teacher is a fan of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, or Mark Twain, a gift card for Waterstones is a nice gesture to show them how much you appreciate what they do. A nice “Thank You” card with the gift card tucked inside will make them smile.

Personalized Weekly Planner

Organizational tools are always a good gift idea. Planners and notebooks help them stay organized and on top of their schedule no matter what else is going on at the time. They come in many styles and colours that are perfect for keeping track of important things.

Personalized Stationary

Teachers organize their thoughts with personal notes written throughout the day. They also correspond with other teachers and school faculty. What about a gift of stationary? A custom note pad, letters, or journal is a thoughtful gift for someone who writes or takes a lot of notes.

Box of Gourmet Chocolates

A gift of chocolate is always welcome. A box of sweet, decadent delight will make your favourite teacher feel special. A small box they can keep in their desk for a sweet treat when they need a little pick-me-up in the afternoon is a great gift idea.

Coffee Subscription

These days you can get a subscription for just about anything. A subscription for a sampling of gourmet coffee is a great gift for coffee lovers of all ages. A 12-month subscription usually gets you a new variety of coffee to try every month and is better than the coffee in the teacher’s lounge any day.

The DIY Picture Frame

You can get a DIY frame for your teacher at one of the local art stores. They have various frames and then they supply you with paints and brushes. All you have to do is sit there and give your best creative ideas to the frame. You can even personalize it with quotes and phrases. This will surely make your teacher feel appreciated.

Design Your Own Personalized Lap Tray

A lap tray is perfect for having breakfast in bed, or eating your favourite meal while watching an engaging movie. A design-it-yourself cushioned lap tray makes it so easy to enjoy your favourite snacks without worrying about spills or stains on your clothing. Customize it with your own unique design to make it special.

Personalized Stamp Pad

A stamp with a custom saying with their name is something thoughtful and practical. Seeing a stamp on your child’s paper always makes your day as a parent, so why not share the love? Give them a stamp with their name and inspirational message.

Aluminium Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a gift they can use every day. What better way to stay hydrated than with a personalized water bottle they can use over and over again. It\s an economical and eco-friendly gift idea.

Thermal Coffee Mug

Opt for something simple and practical, which means a nice mug or a cup that helps keep their favourite beverage hot and steamy. Insulated coffee mugs keep drinks at just the right temperature so they can be enjoyed anytime. No need to reheat coffee in the microwave that will taste burned and bitter.

Personalized Tote Bag

Teachers love a good tote bag that can serve as both a carrying case and a handbag. It helps to make your journey more comfortable as it doubles up as a convenient storage case. Make a handmade tote bag in your choice of colours and designs and gift it to your teacher. It can be an extra special surprise.

Personalized Jewellery

You can never go wrong with jewellery for a teacher gift. It is one of the best personalized teacher gifts ideas because it is unique and heartfelt.  Find one that reflects their interests and hobbies. Pins that say “I’m a teacher” or relay an inspirational quote make great gifts. They can be worn on a hat, bag, or jacket.

Personal Charger or Power Bank

With all the devices we use in a day, it’s hard to keep them all charged and ready to use. A power bank can charge multiple devices, depending on how much energy it stores. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket or purse and can charge their phone, tablet, and other devices.

Audible Membership

Audible is an audio book service that lets you download and listen to books by your favourite authors. This is a great gift for people who love to read but don’t always have the time. It’s also great for long trips or commuting because it keeps the mind busy with an interesting story.

Membership for An Art Museum

If you want to give your favourite teacher something really special, a membership to a museum is one they will treasure for a long time. The membership allows a certain number of free visits for the year.



Teachers have the hardest job of all; moulding and shaping young minds to be future civil rights activists, scientists, doctors, and world leaders. In a time when it is easy to feel underappreciated, it is important to encourage teachers to continue the great work that they do. By giving personalized gifts for teachers, you will help them feel appreciated and valued by their students and parents.

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